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8/25/2008 04:24:43 am

Article on Virtual World selling; Dressing Avatars.

Retailer Kohl's Corp. this month launched a new line of apparel, but the plaid skirts and printed T-shirts won't be sold in its 957 stores. Instead, it's selling them on, a virtual community for teens and tweens where kids can fork over "Stardollars" -- purchased online at a nominal sum -- to buy apparel for their online characters.

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Retailers routinely post customers’ product reviews online, hoping that favorable comments will boost sales. But there’s a more powerful influence on shoppers that retailers have yet to harness: the advice of friends.


Facebook Connect mania has swept the Internet! Why create an account on a random website when you can click a single button to join? That is the power of Facebook Connect, which allows websites, software, and even mobile devices to integrate with FacebookFacebook reviews and send information both ways.


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